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ScotGrad's Residential Training Programme

Take a behind-the-scenes look at ScotGrad’s Residential Training Programme, offered to all ScotGrads on placements in the Highlands and Islands.

Published: 14/11/2017

ScotGrad is well-known and respected for matching students and graduates with exciting placements all across Scotland, but we’re equally committed to delivering on-going support through tailored business training and professional development opportunities.

As part of our commitment, we bring ScotGrads across the Highlands and Islands together to attend a short residential course as part of their placement. The most recent event was held in October at the Old Brewery in the stunning location of Cromarty on the Black Isle.

This year we commissioned a short film to capture the energy and enthusiasm of the participants, who focus on sharpening their business skills as well as making new connections and improving pitching, presentation and negotiation techniques.

Martin Gannon, from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School, is one of the course tutors: “Typically the graduates don’t have a business background so it’s a good opportunity for us to provide them with the building blocks to go back to their organisations and try to make a meaningful change.

“We hope the content we provide allows them to go back and speak strategically about their own projects in their placements.”

Beth Shannon, on a marketing placement with Essence of Harris in the Western Isles, speaks in the film about her experience on the course: “The trainers have been so helpful and have already given me indicators of where to start my research and what to look at in my placement.”

The programme is designed to equip participants with the practical business skills they need, whilst the small scenic setting provides a great opportunity to socialise with other graduates and learn from one another, as well as gaining first-hand experience and support from the dedicated ScotGrad team.  

Employers also get involved in the programme and XpoNorth, Scotland’s leading creative industries festival, regularly facilitate a session where the graduates are tasked with exploring solutions to some of the real-life challenges the organisation encounters when engaging with younger audiences.  A number of the graduates’ suggestions have already been integrated into XpoNorth’s business model.

Next year, Scotland celebrates the ‘Year of Young People’ which focuses on the amazing young personalities, talents and achievers that make up Scotland. The 2018 Year of Young People is designed to inspire the nation through the ideas, attitudes and ambitions of young people, and we hope our film helps to convey the talent, determination and ambition of our inspirational ScotGrads.

To find out more about the Residential Training Programme, take a look at our graduate training page.

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