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Aberdeen Uni graduate works on revolutionary bone graft project

After graduating with a first class honours degree, Elia Riboni Verri took on a short term placement with Sirakoss in Edinburgh.

Published: 19/10/2016

Elia Riboni Verri, originally from Italy, studied his Biomedical Sciences degree at The University of Aberdeen and graduated with first class honours this summer. Shortly after receiving his qualification, Elia started his ScotGrad placement at Sirakoss - a revolutionary science company who develop synthetic bone grafts. Working within the business side of the company, Elia has gained insight into where a science degree can lead graduates.

“As a Market Research Graduate, I gather data about the orthopaedic market and find out who our main competitors are. I research the world market and find out about opportunities Sirakoss could get involved in.

I am learning about drug approval processes and patents, as well as the competitive landscape of orthopaedic market. This placement is preparing me for the future, as I hope to work in the life sciences sector.”

Elia works at ScotGrad employer 2016

Elia at our training course in July this year


The ScotGrad team met Elia at our training course in July, where we had the chance to put him under the spotlight for 60 seconds. Find out more below…

What 3 top skills or qualities are important in your role?

  • The ability to gather information effectively
  • Communication skills – I liaise with CEO and R&D manager daily
  • The ability to process a range of information

What were you excited to learn on your placement?

I was excited to deepen my knowledge about drug approval processes. It has also been valuable finding out how the company will grow and establish itself in the international market.

Would you recommend a ScotGrad placement?

Being on a ScotGrad placement is a great experience. I think the best part is meeting new people in different areas of industry.


Update: After completing his ScotGrad placement in September, Elia returned to university to study for his Masters degree in Finance and Management.

“So far it has been very exciting – and equally as challenging! However, my ScotGrad placement and the training course in Edinburgh helped me so much in preparation for this.”

Wishing you the best of luck for your future, Elia.


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