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ScotGrad recruitment predictions for 2017

ScotGrad Programme Manager for Graduate Engagement, Kelly Barbour, looks into her crystal ball and predicts how the graduate job market will look in 2017.

Published: 22/12/2016

1.    The skills gap continues

In Scotland, science and technology is a sector that traditionally struggles to attract freshly graduated candidates. According to previous surveys, 43% of vacancies in science, research and engineering are hard to fill due to skills shortages.

We expect this trend to continue in 2017, with some sectors struggling more than others to find suitable candidates. As a skilled candidate, looking to kick-start your career in science or engineering you may be in an advantageous position, with less competition for your dream placement.

ScotGrad works with a wide variety of organisations offering science and engineering roles. Keep an eye on our graduate and student placements and check out our blog on finding the right placement for you.

2.    PR & Marketing will continue to be popular

Public relations (PR) and marketing roles were the most sought after ScotGrad placements in 2016, with 69 positions filled. Digital and social media communications are more regularly being recognised as essential for organisations, with many looking for professionals new to this field to offer their insight and expertise.

If you’ve got your eye on a PR or marketing role, work on your writing and communication skills. Your creativity will also come in to question so consider taking up a hobby which will show off your artistic side.

As applications for these placements are very popular, it’s important to stand out from the crowd with a perfected CV and work experience in your sector. Sign up to ScotGrad’s placement alerts to be the first to hear of any new role.

3.    IT and computing will boom

Coupled with the rise of social media, Scotland’s technology industry is booming. The First Minister launched a programme earlier this year to make £500m of public money available to invest in growing tech companies.

This means there will be more opportunities than ever before in gaming, IT and software companies and coding, computer and software engineering skills will be essential.

ScotGrad successfully placed 22 IT roles in 2016 and we fully expect this to increase in 2017. One of these placements was filled by Daniel Ratajczyk, who took up a 12-month placement as a systems support engineer at building services firm ECG Facilities Services. Daniel said his placement put him in great stead for full-time employment. Read about his experience here.