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Paid Internships for Life Sciences students

The Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme opens for the 3rd year, offering over 40 paid opportunities in 2017.

Published: 02/02/2017

Are you a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year student studying a Life Sciences undergraduate degree?

Are you looking for relevant work experience during the summer?


The Scottish Life Sciences Internship Programme is now open!


These full time opportunities will give you fantastic work experience in a Life Science company in Scotland. Placements last from 10 - 12 weeks paying £8.45 per hour, and will take place over June - September 2017.

“I’ve found the whole experience to be invaluable. It has definitely helped me know what I want to do when I graduate; I feel work-ready.” Emma Halley, Taragenyx

“This is an amazing opportunity and is something that will be a real asset to your CV. It’s a great chance to work as part of a team and meet lots of new people.” Jamie Campbell, Biopta Ltd

Opportunities are advertised from 1st February - 28th February 2017. You can apply for 3 internships maximum. Only your CV will be reviewed.  




Eligibility: This programme is for 1st - 3rd year undergraduate students studying an eligible Life Science degree in Scotland.

Please note: You can only apply for a maximum of 3 placements, so please research the roles thoroughly before choosing which ones to apply for. If you apply for more than the allocated number of placements, we will accept your first 3 applications only, sorted by date.