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April Training Course

The ScotGrad Team received some excellent feedback about our latest Residential Training Course in Edinburgh.

Published: 06/04/2016

It has been a busy start to the year for the ScotGrad team. With 5 Residential Training Courses already completed so far, involving 66 graduates from all sectors across Scotland, we've been hearing more and more about the companies our graduates work in and the projects they're doing. We can't believe that it's only the first week of April!

With the most recent course completed, the team were delighted to receive the following feedback from some of our attendees:

"The most valuable aspect of my ScotGrad placement so far is the invaluable industry experience I am gaining. I am lucky enough to be working in my degree field in Scotland (a rarity for textiles) where I can put theory into practise and really develop my skills and knowledge in order to progress my career. After the ScotGrad Residential course, I no longer consider myself just a graduate, but instead a working professional." (Siobhan Rooney, Eclipse Blinds)

"I was quite apprehensive about coming to the course; I thought it would be really full-on and a lot of hard work. I also don’t like giving presentations… However, I really enjoyed the course! It was informal and a lot of fun – myself and the other graduates had a good laugh. I learnt a lot from the course and I will definitely use the skills, theories, and practices that I learnt to benefit my placement and any future employment. I have gained a lot of confidence in my own skills and abilities, and I was able to put myself out of my comfort zone." (Jillian Whittle, Kelvin Power Tools)

"The ScotGrad Course has given me valuable experience in business. Coming from a bioscience background, I have never placed importance on understanding how a business works and the fundamentals of management. I have since realised how this ties in with my role as a commercial scientist and understanding how to promote the product I am researching and developing. This has been invaluable training, beneficial to not only myself in my current role and future roles, but also to any employer I choose to work with as I enhance their company growth and development." (Bianca MacLachlan, Avanticell Science)

Interested in finding out about the graduates who attended our Residential Training Course this year? Check out the latest group photos and more on our Facebook page.