Five things to consider when hiring a graduate

If you’re thinking about hiring a graduate or you’re about to welcome your first graduate into the team, take a look at our top things to consider.

Published: 19/05/2017

Setting up

Before they start, create a space for your graduate and ensure they have everything they need to get up and running on their first day. From a desk and computer to setting up an email address and telephone, providing background information on the organisation and project, as well as wider reading materials and objectives of what needs to be achieved.

Ahead of their first day, contact them and let them know what time they need to arrive and the expected dress code.

The office environment

For many graduates this will be their first time working in an office environment. On their first day, take them on a tour of the workspace and talk about the office culture. As well as legal requirements, such as health and safety and pointing out the fire escape routes, show them the everyday things they’ll need. For example, where they can get lunch, where to make tea and coffee, how the printers and phones work and where to find the equipment they’ll need. The sooner they are comfortable in their working environment, the sooner they can get on with the project in hand.


Help your graduate to feel welcome by taking the time to introduce them to their new colleagues, especially people they will be working with every day. Tell them where they need to go for certain requests, such as HR, finance or office management.

Suggest a couple of people to take them to lunch on their first week and identify those you think they’d get on with best. Once comfortable in their surroundings and friendly with colleagues, your graduate will settle in and shine.

Project based

As placements through ScotGrad are project based, make sure to keep your graduate on track with regular meetings and progress reports. While they may feel like a permanent member of staff, it’s imperative they don’t lose sight of the project at hand. This helps your organisation, but also the graduate as they progress through the early stages of their career, using the project as an example on their CV and in interviews.

Training and development

In addition to the experience your graduate is receiving while working on their ScotGrad placement project, their time in your organisation helps them to build upon the skills they learned and acquired at university. Create a training plan for your graduate which gives them an all-round introduction to the industry and allows them to enhance the skills they need for your project as well as their career. Graduates appointed through ScotGrad will have access to training opportunities.

If you’re interested in the ScotGrad programme, contact us or check out our employer case studies to find out more about how graduates have helped other organisations.