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ScotGrad Frequently Asked Questions

Every year we attend events, deliver presentations, go along to networking opportunities and meet thousands of students and graduates. To help you to understand what we offer, we’ve put together this top 10 to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Published: 21/03/2019

If you’re graduating in summer 2019, it’s a perfect time to register on the ScotGrad website. You can apply to vacancies up to 3 months before graduation... so from now on.

1. Is ScotGrad only for Scots?

Number one on the list – don’t let our name fool you. ScotGrad placements are available to all students and graduates. We only recruit to vacancies in Scotland, so our name is all about the location, not your nationality! We’ve successfully helped students and graduates from 25+ countries secure placements.

2. Is ScotGrad an agency? 

No. We're often asked what role ScotGrad plays when graduates realise they won't be working for ScotGrad itself. We work with businesses and social enterprises which are supported by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. We help them to access the talented students and graduates they need to help their organisations to grow.  

We also support companies and ScotGrads throughout the placement with training, networking opportunities, and development support. We help companies to fund your placement. We don't advertise just any project; all have been scoped and approved by our team. 

3. What kinds of opportunities are available?

The word “placement” can have different connotations for our candidates. We offer placements to ensure that your role is project-based with a specific timeframe. This ensures that you see the outcome of your work and have a paid piece of graduate-level experience to add to your CV.

Projects are exclusively in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises with ambitious growth targets. Vacancies are available in all kinds of roles and industries. Projects can be in professional services, tech, engineering, design, sciences, marketing, and many more roles, but always focus on innovation and business efficiency and development in some way.

4. How long will my placement last?

Our graduate opportunities last 6-12 months with the potential to work for the company permanently afterwards in some cases. Currently, around 50% of graduates are offered a permanent role with their company after the placement is completed.

5. Do I need to have a lot of work experience?

Not necessarily. Some of our employers need more experience than others, for example in technology and engineering projects. For most placements, our eligibility page gives you a useful overview. Graduates are asked to have a degree, have graduated in the last 4 years, and have less than 1 year of graduate-level work experience. Each vacancy lists its own eligibility criteria so check the details carefully.

6. Do I need a 1st or 2:1?

We accept all levels of degrees. For graduate placements, you need to have graduated at degree or postgraduate level, or with an HNC or HND in the last 4 years.

7. Does ScotGrad offer VISA sponsorship?

ScotGrad does not offer sponsorship. You will be working for a small business, rather than directly for ScotGrad.

Some employers are able to offer sponsorship but this is not guaranteed and is dependent on the vacancy. Vacancies with an international focus are most likely to have this option available. For advice on VISAs and sponsorship, visit the TalentScotland website and the UK VISA and Immigration website

8. Where will my placement be based?

ScotGrad’s placements are all over Scotland. In the last couple of months, we’ve placed graduates in major cities and smaller towns, from the Scottish Borders up to the Highlands and Islands. Click to see a full list of our current placement opportunities. If your placement is in a particularly remote location, we encourage employers to offer location advice, but you are responsible for securing accommodation.

9. When can I apply?

We recommend searching and applying for our graduate placements up to 3 months before graduation as our employers tend to be recruiting to positions with immediate start dates. If you graduated within the last 4 years and have no more than 1 year of graduate-level experience since your latest graduation you are eligible to start a placement. There is no applicant age limit.

10. How do I apply?

All applications are through the ScotGrad website. Find a placement and click ‘apply now’. Prepare your CV and write your application offline first. Please remember to proofread and spell-check before submitting. Please note, our application form times out, so you should save regularly.