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How to boost your job search face-to-face

In the last instalment of our three-part series on how to maximise your job hunt, we focus on the face-to-face search.

Published: 22/05/2017

While the internet might have revolutionised the job hunt, graduates were landing their dream careers way before the creation of Google. Use our below guide for tips on to use the time-honoured face-face approach.

Careers fair

Rarely will you be given the chance to investigate so many companies or industries in one go.

Make sure to explore all the different stands, pick up reading materials and talk to those behind the stalls. Not only will they be able to answer your questions, they could potentially become a future colleague or recruiter, so make sure you present yourself professionally.  

Remember to keep an open mind. If you’ve convinced yourself that you’re only interested in one organisation, then you may miss all the great opportunities around you.

Get in touch with your university careers service to find out about the latest fairs and events near you.


It may seem daunting, but networking is one of the most effective ways to boost your job search. Start by identifying local business groups, or joining industry associations, then check out the upcoming events. If you’re shy, then bring a friend along.

Take time to introduce yourself to new people and don’t feel you should ask for a job straight away. Ask questions about their role and the benefits of working for the company. By taking the time to cultivate the relationship, people will be more than happy to help you out.

Check out our dedicated networking guide for top tips on how to forge those important contacts.  

Career advisor

Set up a meeting with your university careers advisor to talk about your placement or job prospects. They will guide you through your different options and help you identify the skills you’ll need. They can also help with interview preparation or writing your CV.

Check out our meet the expert page for details of careers services at all Scottish universities.

Personal connections 

Once you’ve identified an organisation you’d like to work in or an industry that interests you, have a think about whether you know someone who could help you get a foot in the door.  Whether it’s a family member, a friend or even your lecturer, consider asking them more about the organisation/sector and if they know of any upcoming opportunities. If you have little experience, having someone to vouch for you can be a huge asset in the job hunt.

Get started now and check out our careers fair page to find out if ScotGrad will be at an event near you.