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Find a placement you love this Valentine's Day

Kelly Barbour, ScotGrad Programme Manager for Graduate Engagement, has suggested a few questions to ask yourself to help you find “The One”.

Published: 14/02/2017

As February 14th swings around, love is certainly in the air. While Cupid’s busy finding your perfect match, you can focus on finding the placement to set you up for a career you’ll love. Kelly Barbour, ScotGrad Programme Manager for Graduate Engagement, has suggested a few questions to ask yourself to help you find “The One”.

What do you enjoy?

Whether it’s a subject matter you really love to explore or a hobby you’re head over heels for, they should heavily influence how much you love your work placement. It will make your days go faster and you’ll want to do the work. Search for roles in a sector you’ll enjoy learning about or roles which involve lots of your preferred activities.

What are you good at?

This is slightly different from what you enjoy but equally as important. We’re all a little egotistical deep down and it’s great to be doing something you’re good at and can feel confident in. Whether you’ve got strong technical skills, softer skills, or if you have a lot of knowledge in one area, use this to your advantage and find a role where you can shine. The better you’re doing, the better you’ll feel about yourself and you’ll continue to improve and grow.

Where is it?

It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a placement. If you’re a homebody, find a placement close to home and a short commute by either public transport or car. Or if you want to get out on your own and try something new, why not look at relocating for your placement?

What makes you curious?

Whether you have a clear vision of your career path or not, follow your curiosities and day-dreams, and uncover your less obvious interests - even if they appear quirky or impractical. This will help to tap into your unique motivations that separate you from others.

A good way to tune into these interests is to ask yourself what you would do if you had a million pounds. This way you can realise what gets you genuinely excited and work won’t feel like work.

How do you measure success?

Think about how you measure success and what would make you feel proud when considering your choice of placement. Having a sense of achievement should be a part of your working life, to help keep you motivated. Whether it’s a well written report, completing a project from scratch or establishing professional relationships – what makes the job worth doing to you, will help you express yourself and make the early mornings a whole lot easier!

About one-third of your life is spent working so you should spend it doing something you love. Check out our current graduate placements, and start your journey to finding your rolemate (sorry). “The One” is out there.