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Age is no barrier – applying for a graduate job later on in life

Education doesn’t always follow a set pattern.

Published: 17/07/2018

Thanks to many factors such as the rise of online courses, flexible working and options for part-time study, people can go to university whenever they’re ready, and sometimes much later in life... the eldest student in the UK is over 90 years young.

A mature student is defined as someone who attends university over the age of 21. UCAS says over 40% of mature students are 30+.

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For many mature students, balancing work-life commitments with the demands of a degree course can be difficult. However, many see the rewards of returning to their studies: to embark on a new career path, enhance their existing skills, or simply to immerse themselves in a subject of interest.

If you have juggled a job, family, life, and studies to obtain your new qualification, a huge congratulations from the ScotGrad team as we know it can’t have been easy. Whatever your motivations for returning to studies you now have a new world of options available to you if you choose to look for a graduate level job. Your university careers service should be your first port of call, and there is also some great advice about mature graduate job hunting to be found online, such as The Open University’s website.

Assuming you have graduated in the last four years and had no more than one year of graduate-level experience since your most recent graduation, you are eligible to apply to any ScotGrad placement. We offer paid, project-based graduate placements of up to 12 months in locations all across Scotland, in all industry sectors. 

In addition to your skills, as a mature graduate you can offer an employer your valuable work and life experience, whilst demonstrating your steely determination to take on (and conquer!) the additional responsibilities of a degree course.

ScotGrad placements open doors to many future opportunities, so if you’re ready, sign up for our vacancy alerts to see what comes up. Who knows, ScotGrad may be the first page of your next chapter.