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Graduate success stories

Since 2010, over 1000 graduates from approximately 25 different countries have successfully completed placements with businesses and social enterprises across Scotland. Here are some of the most recent examples of what they’ve learned along the way:

  • Claire Dyce of Grampian Growers

    Claire Dyce

    Grampian Growers

    Claire summarised what makes her placement company, Grampian Growers, different. We “produce and market daffodil flowers and bulbs as well as potatoes, so it’s something unique compared to other businesses that just operate in the potato industry. I start in the flowers in the next 3-4 weeks and then bulbs start in July so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in then”.

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  • Nuvaquahu NAMINGHA Dialexy

    Nuvaquahu Namingha


    “The most important thing that I have gained personally is to not be scared of the unknown. It actually might be something good”.

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