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What type of project were you working on?

I was recruited by the company for a Sales & Marketing Officer placement which included the design and implementation of a new marketing strategy for the company. This involved creating a communications plan as well as a new marketing campaign for the PrintAR Project.

Describe the type of challenges faced during your placement.

Generally I am a confident person but I sometimes felt hesitant and unsure if what I was doing was correct, this was especially true at the start of the placement. I overcame this by asking for help when I felt I needed it and I was very fortunate to be working for a company which I knew was there to not only guide me on any issues I had with my role but also to provide me with mentoring support for me and my career generally.

What has been the impact of your placement on the company?

There is now a CRM system for starters and I researched all potential clients for us to contact. We also have a social media presence - I had full responsibility for the Twitter and Facebook accounts. We also have a large amount of relevant followers and use Facebook in particular to show potential clients what we can offer them. After an exhibition in London, I gained a few potential client leads which were followed up and we targeted digital agencies as well.

In addition, we were running a national student competition which saw me working with a new client group; universities and colleges.

How else did your employer help you deliver a successful project?

They were very supportive. I was given the opportunity to attend a few workshops, including sales, social media and negotiation skills which I found very useful indeed and helped me with delivering my project objectives.

In what ways has the placement impacted on you both personally and professionally?

On a personal level, I believe that my writing skills for example have improved and I am more confident and have learned not to doubt myself as much! Professionally, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work for IC Mobile Lab. For example, attending exhibitions has given me the ability to view the sales aspect of the company and provided me with the chance to demonstrate what the company does and to network with potential clients. I have discovered that I am a self-starter as I continuously make sure I am busy. In addition, being with a start-up company has allowed me to gain first hand marketing experience from all angles. I now know that this is definitely the career path I want to follow.

How were you able to deploy your skills, knowledge and competencies from your time at university?

I most often used competency that I used was my appreciation for teamwork. Most modules in my marketing course required me to participate in groups and I had to adapt to different and changing situations whilst learning to take the opinions of others on board. My communication skills also helped me to approach potential clients and set up meetings to demonstrate who we are and what we do.

Finally, would you recommend ScotGrad to other graduates and if so, why?

Absolutely. I have gained so much in such a short space of time. I was given the chance to meet new people and to enhance my technical knowledge, it really has been a very worthwhile experience.