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This is true, however, after completing the first module of Jump Digital's Digital Marketing for Business Professionals Certificate (DMB) run in partnership with the University of Aberdeen Business School, it is clear that the digital marketing (DM) sector is a vast network which extends to influence our everyday lives. Whether it be for profiting our businesses to influencing the next US president; we simply cannot escape the power of DM and thus it is important to educate ourselves on DM potential.

Coming out of university with a Biomedical Science degree with an inclination to pursue marketing made life slightly difficult when searching for a job. After four years of university, I was keen to get some work experience and money which is why I applied for a sales and marketing graduate job with ScotGrad. I particularly enjoyed any marketing related tasks but I felt there was a real gap in my knowledge as I did not have a qualification in DM. Therefore, when the opportunity to complete the first module of a DM course, provided by Jump Digital, was offered, it offered me the chance to fill in those missing gaps.

The course begins with a video of 'A life of a DM consultant' which is interesting as before you receive any background information you already have a real-life insight into what the career prospects looks like. As you progress through the modules, the lessons from the video become more apparent as with each module, you extend your knowledge. Each lecture allows you to download the video script, PowerPoint slides and recommended reading which offer useful information to keep for future use. As well as providing an understanding of core topics of DM such as social media and analytics, it also covers a range of topics which are useful for any career such as leadership and research skills.

What is interesting about the course is how relevant it is to everyday life which makes it easier to understand as it is relatable. One of the topics I found most interesting was 'Exploring Search Personalisation' which explains how to conduct market research with a 'clean sheet' as search engines like Google will add personalisation to your search results and therefore could be restricting what you can access. The accompanying Ted Talk to the lecture actually discusses issues which have recently made the news headlines. It describes how companies such as Facebook use secret algorithms to 'personalise' what you see. Facebook has recently come under fire for this type of personalisation as many have suggested it could have impacted the most recent US election. This module has definitely made me more aware of how DM can impact my life and how I can use it to influence others.

Module 1 has enthused my interest for DM and has encouraged me to continue my journey to Module 2. I hope to learn about advertising and more about what it means to be a digital marketer. It is easy to look up what it's like to have a career in DM but by completing these modules you have an actual understanding. I believe that even if you are not sure what type of job you want, the course expands your business knowledge and personal development. It's an extra qualification you can obtain which you complete during your free time so why not start your journey in Digital Marketing today!

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