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What attracted you to ScotGrad?

I applied to ScotGrad, as it's a great springboard for entry level career roles. Combined with placement opportunities, ScotGrad also offers fantastic careers advice and guidance. My CV and life experience have certainly been enhanced through the ScotGrad programme!

I was specifically minded to apply for the role with Food From Argyll - as their mantra, objectives and area of work particularly appealed to me. I therefore felt great passion publicising the brand as their Graduate Project Marketing Executive. 

Briefly describe your placement...

My role was to publicise the ethos, backstory, and provenance trail of Food From Argyll produce across a range of media platforms, with a marketing campaign that reflected their artisan roots. I was successful in enlisting the help of celebrated illustrator and artist, Gillian Kyle, to produce the brand imagery.

I travelled with the company across the country, attending events and festivals during the summer, and publicising and marketing their produce and brand in real time and online. My placement culminated in working on our truly successful pop-up restaurant at BBC the Quay during last summer's Commonwealth Games.

What have you gained from your placement?

The placement afforded me the opportunity to put my skills, passion and experience in communication strategies and brand identity into practice. From the outset I wanted to fuse FFA's artisan provenance trail and production process with an artisan styled hand-crafted marketing campaign. As I mentioned before, I succeeded in tempting Gillian Kyle to produce a set of illustrative images in her imitable style, portraying FFA's hand crafted ethos. 

I particularly wanted to focus on providing engaging copy and imagery to provoke awareness and excitement surrounding the FFA. FFA's following on a number of social media platforms increased exponentially during my time at the company.

Did you enjoy the residential training course?

I gained so much insight and confidence on the training course, putting me in good shape for future jobs. The programme and standard of teaching were both very professional, educational and friendly - delivered in such an inspiring and friendly environment.

Where are you now?

I'm now working as a copywriter for a creative digital agency - exactly what I'd set out to do all those years ago. I don't think it's any coincidence I got this role so soon after my ScotGrad placement! I would really recommend the ScotGrad programme to others. It's a great platform offering so much professional and friendly advice and guidance towards reaching your career goals.