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What project were you involved in?

My original role at the company was to aid with the growth of two key areas of the business: Pipeline and Subsea. At first. I shadowed my manager to learn the ropes, so to speak.

I got very involved with the sales and marketing of both the pipeline cleaning products and the subsea chemistry.

I prepared and gave presentations to new and existing customers on the pipeline gels and gel pig technology. There was also a Decom North Sea conference where I spoke to raise industry awareness of the subsea pumpable buoyancy system Aubin has developed.

In addition, I also helped the QHSE co-ordinator with internal auditing and maintenance of our ISO quality management systems.

In the near future, I will be ready to take on the role of UK Pipelines Manager. That could be very soon indeed.

What impact has the placement had on you professionally?

Professionally, I feel like I have found a role that uses my strengths.

Personally, I have found a role I love doing. I can see myself being very happy in my work for a long time.

How did you use your skills, knowledge and competencies from your time at university?

Well, the IT knowledge I gained from University has been of surprising use to me in my current role. I expect that these days any sales position finds IT skills a benefit. One example is in market research - IT skills go a long way in helping there.

Would you recommend the Graduate Placement Programme to other graduates?

Yes. Why not? This is a fantastic opportunity for a young professional to find a job you love.