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What’s your background?

Originally, I am from Leon in the northwest of Spain where I graduated in Environmental Sciences from its university. I also completed two MSc, the first one is a MSc in Environmental Management at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) and the most recent one is a MSc Energy Economics at the University of Stirling in 2014.

Why did you apply for a ScotGrad placement?

As I said my original background was in the environmental field and I had the feeling that I wanted to expand my knowledge and develop my career prospects within the energy sector. As per ScotgGrad, I was looking to apply my knowledge and skills after my time in the university and I personally think that ScotGrad is the perfect platform for recent graduates. They help graduates and businesses to find each other. On the one hand, graduates with a lack of real job experience are able to find their first opportunity in a very competitive job market. On the other hand, businesses need the knowledge and the enthusiasm of these graduates to help them to grow and achieve their targets. I would define this relationship as a perfect symbiosis.

What was your placement and what did you enjoy the most?

I started working as Client Service Development at esave an independent energy and environmental consultancy in Inverness. After a period of training, I was given three main projects which I have been working on for the last 12 months. The role has evolved since day one and now my job has transformed into Market and Policy Analyst. In other words, I help my colleagues to better understand changes in regulation in the energy industry as well as tracking UK energy markets and understand its main drivers. All this needs to be communicated in a nice way for our clients and it is here where I have been working along with my colleague Leigh, who also participated in ScotGrad.

I can honestly say that my integration as part of esave team has been very easy since I started working with them a year ago. I have been working closely with all my colleagues across different projects and supervised by Neil Watson my mentor.

What new skills/knowledge did you develop during your placement?

Every field has some complex aspects to understand and in the case of the energy sector I can tell you that this is not an exception. Once you finished your degree or your MSc you think you know something but in reality you know very little. Basically, you have the foundations which is a very good start point.

I have developed and expanded my analysis and management skills as well as improved my communication and team work skills among others. I have learned about the different processes within the business.

Working in an SME is always a challenge for that reason you need to become flexible and more organised in the way you deal with the projects assigned. I have been working in a big variety of projects where deadlines become a key aspect in your routine.

What was the biggest benefit of attending the ScotGrad residential training?

The residential training course was a great opportunity to meet new people in an excellent environment. It is always important to have a break to think about your placement and hear other people’s experiences. The content of the course covered a range of different disciplines within a business: sales, management, marketing and how to deal with your CV.

Any advice for other graduates?

Every university in the UK has a career service department where they are willing to help graduates in different ways. I remembered practising my interview skills and writing different cover letters and CVs with the University of Stirling career department. It was there where I heard about ScotGrad.

Looking for a job is a job itself, organisation is a key aspect. Graduates have to identify first of all the type of sector they want to work in and then act proactively.