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What's your background?

I'm originally from South Queensferry, just outside Edinburgh. I graduated with a degree in French and Spanish with European Studies at the University of Edinburgh.  I had a part-time job while I was looking for a graduate position, and found the placement on the University website.

The position appealed to me because it was to do with the French market, so I would be able to use part of my degree. I also wanted to get into the marketing industry.

Can you tell us more about your role?

I was an Export Sales and Marketing Administrator for the French market with The Just Slate Company, a six month placement. Working with an external consultant to the business taught me a great deal.

What else did you get out of the programme?

A particularly good thing about the Graduate Placement Programme is the additional training courses. The length of the placement also suits me well as it gives me a chance to test the waters and gain experience in new areas.

Any advice to other graduates?

I would say start searching for jobs and placements as soon as possible. Towards the end of your degree it’s easy to get wrapped up in your studies and forget to look for jobs, but try to set some time aside to start looking to see what’s out there. Graduate placements are also a good way to get experience as employers are always looking for a variety of skills.