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What project were you involved with?

The company had developed a prototype for a holiday ‘pod’, based on their technology used for building boats. The concept had yet to be patented and go on the market as it was still in its prototype form.
I produced a very in-depth monitored profile of the StormPod project from Stage 1 [concept] all the way through to delivery. This will in turn become a template for all future projects and new product developments for the company.

What was the highlight of your placement year?

It was most definitely winning funding from taking part in the Scottish Edge competition. We had to compete against other businesses for government funding. It took three rounds of pitching our business to some of Scotland's leading business figures, but in the end I managed to secure £30,000 for my placement company.

What did you gain most from your placement?

The graduate placement programme has been a great opportunity for me to gain valuable work experience. I have been involved in every aspect of the business allowing me to gain experience in many areas and this will provide me with a solid platform to launch my career.