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What’s your background?

I grew up in Inverness where I went to school. I moved to Glasgow to study Mechanical Engineering, but decided after a year that it wasn't for me. I moved to Aberdeen to study Product Design. After graduating, I took six months out and worked/played in Whistler Ski Resort, Canada.

Why did you apply for the graduate placement programme?

I thought it would be a good stepping stone, and a good way of providing extra experience over potential rivals when applying for future jobs.

What project were you involved in?

I was the sole product design engineer and was put in charge of rationalising their product range of seal scarers and humane fish stunners.

What have you learned on placement?

I think the main thing I got from the placement was experience, which I could then to add to my CV.

How about the training course you attended as part of the programme?

I would advise other graduates take on board as much as they can. Ask questions and be heard, its the best way to get the most out of the placement.

What are you doing post-placement?

After finishing, I moved to Aberdeen and have secured a position as a Project Engineer with an oil and gas service company. Without the experience I gained on the placement, I doubt I would be in the position I am now.