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What's your background?

I studied Business Studies at the University of Stirling and graduated in 2014. Whilst at university I gained exceptional work experience with Wood Group PSN at their office in Texas. This taught me a lot of transferable skills that not only secured me my ScotGrad placement, but allowed me to thrive in the role.

What project were you involved in?

I was responsible for the marketing department at Torishima. This involved running the website, performing SEO, creating marketing materials, and managing the company CRM system. I reported directly to the Managing Director and had constant exposure to senior management, improving my communication and project management skills. 

I really enjoyed working in a small team environment, as this enabled me to take on greater responsibility and work across the different departments in the company.

Do you have any advice for graduates looking to get on to the career ladder?

Relate the skills you have gained at university and through work experience to the job you’re applying for. Many students underestimate how many skills they have e.g communication, team working, project management, analysis and research. These are all vital to any role or organisation.

How has your ScotGrad placement impacted on your career? 

My ScotGrad placement allowed me to build on my skills already developed through university and work, by having access to a range of departments across a growing international firm. 

What are your plans now?

At the moment I’m still with Torishima, wrapping up my project. In terms of my future career goals, I’d like to continue taking on more responsibility and working in a range of international markets. I aspire to be in a management position and making a real impact to the growth of a Scottish firm.