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Describe your general thoughts on the ScotGrad programme and what it has done for your career.

The programme definitely gives graduates a leg-up in the early stages of their career. Without my ScotGrad placement, I would not have gained the level of experience needed to take me to another opportunity. The residential training course was another highlight and this allowed me to network with other graduates, many in similar roles to myself and of course, we benefited from learning new and interesting business skills.

Did you encounter any challenges during your placement?

Primarily, the biggest challenge was the fact that I was the sole person in charge of all the marketing tasks and I had to provide guidance to others in the team on such things as SEO, Blogging and Content Marketing, all of which were key to delivering a successful website. 

What kind of impact has the placement had on you personally and professionally?

From a personal point of view, the ScotGrad placement revealed to me that I have a transferrable skill set. In addition, it has shown me that I am comfortable learning things on my own, that I can complete tasks individually or as part of a team and that I have increased confidence when it comes to managing others and communicating my ideas and opinions.

In your opinion, what impact did your placement have on the company?

Within my time with the company, we have introduced new marketing processes and the team has also grown to accommodate these improvements. Overall, I would say that there is a better structure to the sales and marketing side of the business than there was previously.