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What's your background?

I grew up in Irvine, Ayrshire, before attending Strathclyde University. I graduated with a joint Honours degree in English, Journalism and Creative Writing. Then, I applied for the marketing role at Pulteneytown People’s Project in Wick, a year's placement. And I got it!

Why did you apply to the Placement Programme?

I saw it as a step in the right direction – a way to learn, expand my knowledge of working environments and take the first steps towards my career. It can be very difficult in the present economic situation to find that first job in your chosen industry. This helped me prove my potential.

What project were you involved in?

I was responsible for promoting Pulteneytown People's Project's community centre which was being constructed throughout my placement. This was a monumental task which involved hosting community events, writing press releases, creating monthly newsletters, an internet publicity campaign, and generating interest in the local community via the newspapers and magazines. This called for lots of creative thinking and hard work, but a thoroughly rewarding task with plenty of press coverage and ever-increasing interest as the centre neared completion.

What did you learn?

I learned what it takes to thrive and survive in the work place. Each day was a challenge I had to meet head-on, using my existing skills and new ones learned from my colleagues and the placement training course which I attended early on.

As part of my daily job, I got to talk and deal with media professionals in the local community, as well as promote Pulteneytown People’s Project on a national scale. This greatly enhanced my media cuttings book, as well as my media contacts,  a fundamental part of finding future employment in the industry.

What are you doing now, post-placement?

Currently, I am working as an Information Assistant in Glasgow, looking to buy my first flat, and continuing to advance my career in Glasgow. I love the creativity and thought which goes into working within the media, and I aim to continue advancing my career in a PR/media/communications role.

Any advice for other graduates?

Seize the opportunity you have and use it to improve your careers. The placement allows you to take the accumulated knowledge from your degree and apply it in practical, useful ways. This will benefit the company/business you’re placed with, whilst also building upon your skills base. There's no better way to get useful, interesting and essential additions to your CV than to work hard and make the most of your placement.