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Who are Tayside Diesel Engineering Ltd?

Tayside Diesel Engineer Ltd offers fast, reliable maintenance and repair of diesel engines for the offshore, marine and industrial sectors. We provide maintenance resources and technical management expertise in the conservation of all types of diesel engines, we achieve this through carrying out repairs, supplying spare parts and providing engine re-build services. We hold numerous franchise licenses for multi-national engine manufacturers and have a highly skilled team of factory trained engineers who can work at companies' premises, on board marine supply vessels and offshore platforms. We have undertaken work across the globe winning contracts across Europe, North Africa and Central Asia.

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

We were very keen to bring in some new skills and fresh ideas to the business and believed that a graduate scheme such as ScotGrad, could provide us with the chance to do that but without having to immediately commit to employing a full time and permanent member of staff.

Describe your graduate project?

Overall, we were looking at a project which would help analyse our current business processes and then for recommendations to be made on how the company could in particular, meet the needs of customers more efficiently. We were also keen for work to be undertaken in researching and creating a database for the types of work in the offshore Wind Energy Market with a view to finding new markets and establishing if and where the skills of our company could be best utilised.

How have you benefited from employing a graduate?

Employing Arron has allowed us to improve our image through improved systems and an enhanced web presence. We have also developed a more efficient throughput in our office systems and this is thanks to new procedures and processes implemented by Arron.

Were the placement objectives met?

Arron has proved himself a very worthy addition to our team. He has delivered on all tasks identified at the outset of the project and in addition, he completed our National Quality Insurance Audit with flying colours, assisted with the completion and submission of an important tender document for an offshore company and made adjustments and upgrades to our website and office systems. On a more general level, Arron provided expert support wherever he was required and allowed the permanent members of the team to be deployed in other key work areas.

Overall, was the ScotGrad programme a positive experience for you?

Although we are unable to quantify an exact financial benefit to taking Arron on in his graduate placement, it has enabled us to free up key resources to work in other areas of the business and we have only been able to do this based on the quality of Arron’s work. We have also now offered him a permanent role with the company which he has accepted. Arron’s ScotGrad placement has helped us identify a gap in our company skill-set and he has comfortably helped us fill that gap.