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Describe the impact that the ScotGrad placement has had on your business?

During her time on placement with us, Jennifer has helped to develop a wider awareness of the importance and potential integration of good marketing activities across the business. We have also shared through our networks that the ScotGrad programme is a very good mechanism to recruit high potential employees. The programme overall worked really well for us. We were impressed by the overall calibre of the interviewees and of course, Jennifer did an excellent job for us, all of this reflects very well on the ScotGrad programme.

Specifically, what was the nature of the project that Jennifer was working on?

Jennifer was brought in to lead on the development and implementation of an inbound marketing strategy which was to fit with our overall marketing plans.

Why did you choose a graduate to deliver this particular piece of work?

We were keen to utilise the recently acquired skills of a new graduate which would also ensure that the very latest marketing related thinking was also available to us. Graduates also provide many other skills which can be hard to find with an experienced hire. Their success in their studies demonstrate that they have the right attitude and work ethic and combined with their soft and technical skills, they often make for a very effective employee and that is what we experienced with Jennifer. 

What knowledge and skills did Jennifer bring to your business during her placement?

The level of committment that Jennifer displayed during her placement was commenddable and she brought real enthusiasm to the placement. Working with the team, her marketing skills and knowledge were invaluable when it came to topics such as web development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and web content. She left a very strong legacy within our marketing activities.

Recommendation and advice to other companies

Symbiosis would not hesitate to recommend engaging with this programme. It is constructed in a way that can work well for all parties and can be truly beneficial.