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What’s your opinion of the programme?

I would thoroughly recommend the programme to other companies, and have indeed done so.

It is obviously difficult to accurately assess the financial impact our participation in the programme has had on the company, as the placement has been working jointly on various projects and cases. However, I would place it in the £0k - £50k range.

Can you pin-point what exactly your graduate did for R2S?

Well, it’s impacted on our company in the following areas:

  • First, it’s made us aware of the benefits of employing an assistant in the Forensic Division.
  • Then, it allowed us to progress long-term projects that would otherwise have taken much longer.
  • A final point I’d like to make is that as R2S is a software system developed in Scotland and is now used worldwide, this programme has given us the opportunity to give something back to Scotland and Aberdeen, where our company has flourished.

What would you say to other companies in Scotland?

The TalentScotland (now ScotGrad) Graduate Placement Programme is an excellent strategic Scottish initiative, which brings employment opportunities and experience to graduates, and makes companies aware of the potential benefits of employing graduates. It’s a programme which other countries would do well to replicate.