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What's your company's background?

We started our Research and Development in 2012 and we launched our product SUPER!NATURAL in March 2013, a fruit juice drink made from all natural ingredients, natural caffeine from green coffee beans and with no added sugar. 

How does the placement compare with your expectations?

Natalie is exceeding our expectations. We intended for the student to bring and use their experience of the student community during the placement. In addition she brought her drive and enthusiasm and that was what we were looking for. She is creative, self-driven and improved our social media presence.

Has the student brought up to date knowledge from the university to your business?

Her studies are related to art and design and she had the opportunity to use this knowledge and creativity during the placement. She has used them in many ways such as photography and presenting information in an interesting way. She will also be able to use all the work in her portfolio when she goes back to university.


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