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What's your company's background?

We are a spin-out from Edinburgh Napier University. We were spun out in 2010, and have raised investment to build our flagship product, ZoneFox.

What has the graduate been involved in?

Darren worked on software engineering, customer support, design, architecture, Research and Development for the new product development.

Why did you decide to use the programme?

We were referred to the programme due to the fact that we could easily access high quality individuals in order to fill the position within the company.

How have you benefited from employing a graduate?

We have a culture that focuses on innovation in an environment that encourages and recognises creativity and talent. Darren’s skill-set and attitude have enhanced the product and work environment.

What knowledge and skills has the graduate brought to your organisation?

Asides from his software skills obtained through his university education, Darren has brought a willingness to learn and some fantastic analytical and problem solving skills to the team. He has brought his personality and skills to the company to become an invaluable, and founding, member of the team. He is a well respected and integrated individual who we enjoy working with and I’m looking forward to helping him grow in the future.


Darren has since completed his placement and has been made a permanent staff.