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Who are Impact Solutions?

Impact Solutions formed out of BP chemicals in 2002 and are a successful provider of product testing and plastic consultancy, serving customers across the globe. 

Why did you decide to take on a graduate?

Our success to date, has only been achieved by recruiting the right type of people with the skills and expertise required to work in this sector. This enables us to continue to deliver the high level of service demanded by our customers. This placement was the third position to have been filled by ScotGrad and given our experiences previously, we were only too happy to work with ScotGrad again.

Can you outline the project?

Impact have developed an innovative technology that can analyse electrofusion joints in a range of plastic pipes from 50mm to 630mm which are used extensively in the water and gas industry. The placement was to source a candidate that we could train into becoming a product champion for the technology.

How have you benefited from employing a graduate?

Overall, we have been able to identify another permanent member of staff. We were delighted to appoint David on a full time basis following the delivery of the project.

Were the placement objectives met?

The objectives of the project was partially met but that was not the fault of the candidate, indeed the candidate identified a number of shortcoming in the product that are currently being developed out prior to a commercial launch.

Overall, was the ScotGrad programme a positive experience for you?

Yes, I have recruited 3 good graduates through the portal and I will be looking to recruit another graduate from ScotGrad in near future.