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What’s your company’s background?

GSL provides buildings energy solutions to enable customers to lower their carbon footprint and comply with legislation. In addition, GSL has a strong track record in technology solutions that assist in saving energy and water resources.

What were the graduates involved with?

They worked on a proposal for Scottish Water to produce a Scottish Water Electronic Valve Locator (SWEVL), which will determine the exact location of isolation valves necessary for the speedy shut off of supplies and minimise water loss.

A detailed analysis was required of the existing methods and system utilised at present to evaluate what the exact requirements of the system will be.

Alex Gilbert and Marc Macleod, two Electronics and Electrical Engineering students, were employed for eight weeks to work as Research Assistants on this project.

Alex and Mark researched and explored suitable technologies to enable the detection of critical isolation points on the water distribution network during periods of winter white-out. They captured the client requirements, conducted site investigations and researched technology solutions.  Reports were compiled in two stages and client feedback was gained. An outline specification for an innovative low cost RF locating device was produced.

How did it work out?

Alex and Marc were a great team and they brought a fresh approach to the project as well as their sound theoretical knowledge. Their confidence and ability to undertake research for an innovative solution demonstrated the value of such a programme and the benefit a small company can gain from talented individuals.