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What’s your company’s background?

esave are a leading independent energy and environmental management consultancy.

Founded in November 1999 esave have developed steadily into a specialist organisation capable of supporting organisations of any size.  esave’s overriding priority is to help minimise our clients' energy and environmental impact and through doing so reduce their costs.

In practice that means:

  • We help clients pay less for energy.
  • We identify areas where usage can be reduced and help achieve those reductions.
  • We help clients achieve compliance with either legal or voluntary standards to lock in the savings.
  • We help clients look to the future and develop their sustainability plan.

esave have clients throughout Scotland and the UK, and overseas.

Why take on a graduate?

We had a number of projects that we knew had to be done but because of the normal day to day pressures we had difficulties getting to them. The appointment of a graduate allowed us to approach these projects in a structured manner over a fixed period of time.

What project was the graduate involved with?

Leigh delivered a 12 month project in order to develop esave’s marketing communications and the CRM system.

The CRM system now provides complete visibility of the sales process from lead creation to completion of the sale. Further development may result in additional service activities being included as part of the system.

Our range of marketing materials has been widened significantly and the quality is much improved. The establishment of a standard marketing template has allowed us to focus more on the sales process rather than continually creating bespoke leaflets for every opportunity and market.

Leigh's placement has been made permanent and he is now the Marketing Assistant for esave.

What’s been the most powerful benefit of employing the graduates?

Without doubt the biggest benefit to the company has been the ability of existing staff to focus on new business development. This has led to more new customers coming on board which should help the company significantly increase turnover and profit over the next 2-3 years.

What knowledge and skills have the graduates brought to your organisation?

Leigh brought a good basic knowledge of the marketing process but with that a high level of understanding of where the various media fit within a modern marketing mix. He has achieved a significantly higher presence for esave in the market on a limited budget which is to his credit.