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What’s your company’s background?

esave are a leading independent energy and environmental management consultancy.

Founded in November 1999 esave have developed steadily into a specialist organisation capable of supporting organisations of any size.  esave’s overriding priority is to help minimise our clients' energy and environmental impact and through doing so reduce their costs.

In practice that means:

  • We help clients pay less for energy.
  • We identify areas where usage can be reduced and help achieve those reductions.
  • We help clients achieve compliance with either legal or voluntary standards to lock in the savings.
  • We help clients look to the future and develop their sustainability plan.

esave have clients throughout Scotland and the UK, and overseas.

Why take on a graduate?

We had a number of projects that we knew had to be done but because of the normal day to day pressures we had difficulties getting to them. The appointment of a graduate allowed us to approach these projects in a structured manner over a fixed period of time.

What project was the graduate involved with?

As part of his placement Pedro:

  • developed a detailed understanding of energy markets, related legislation, and esave services
  • reviewed and enhanced existing business processes associated with client energy procurement & the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
  • developed and implemented innovative new services associated with energy pricing, market intelligence (including communications from the industry regulator, Ofgem), and the CRC.
  • worked with marketing and sales colleagues to fully maximise and communicate new offerings to esave clients (existing and potential)

Pedro completed his placement last month and has been offered a permanent role with Esave as a Market and Policy Analyst.

What’s been the most powerful benefit of employing the graduates?

Getting projects looked at that we just didn’t have the time to do, at an economic cost, with enthusiastic people willing to learn.  Much of this is now embedded in the business and proving extremely valuable.

What knowledge and skills have the graduates brought to your organisation?

Pedro has brought a real ability to carry out analysis of complex markets and industry structures, as well as the ability to work well with colleagues across all parts of the business.  I can’t speak highly enough of him and he’s extremely well thought of throughout the company.  His flexibility and commitment are highly valued and appreciated.