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What's your company's background?

We are a social enterprise and set up 1998 in the Youth Café in Elgin. At the moment we are organising evening activities for young people to come and meet with their friends. We also have young people serving food and drinks so it is from young people to young people.  We run after school classes focused on health and activities. In these classes the kids learn how to cook and how to make healthy and tasty meals.

How did you decide on your summer placement project?

We knew what we wanted and we had the final idea, but what we didn’t know was the technical side and how to deliver it. One of our volunteers is a web and graphic designer, he came in and he helped us pull togehter a project brief.

How does the placement compare to your expectations?

Really good, our student is recreating our online booking system in a more user-friendly system. He presented a template at the beginning of his placement in order to show us what will be the final product and since then he has been working towards achieving it.

What would your advice be to other employers who are thinking about offering a placement?

What we have learned from this year's summer placement and the past year’s graduate placement is that for the placement to be successful for both the students and the employer you need to be really clear with your idea and project. This will also help the student to have a good time. It is a brilliant thing to have their help. It is providing us with a specific skill set and extra resource to do jobs that you would have not been able to do otherwise.


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