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Novograf Ltd

Graduate Product Designer

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HND, Undergraduate Degree, Postgraduate Degree

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Creative arts and design
12 months
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Placement summary

East Kilbride based Novograf Ltd, a leading Brand Realization company, are looking to hire a talented and skilled graduate to assist with a crucial product development project. You will report directly to the Design & Development Manager, contributing not only to the main project, but side-shoots from it, such as supplier networking, product research or practical process solutions that could create product/processing opportunities. This is a 12-month placement initially, with the intention of becoming a full-time role.

Job description

Project Description

Environmental Impact reduction – Printed Polymers Versus Alternative substrate.

Opportunities to recycle or reuse.

The impact of Blue Planet II and the horrific events of the Grenfell Towers fire ultimately feed their way through the manufacturing industry. For years Novograf has taken great pride in reducing our use of PVC, but this is no longer enough. Our clients are listening to the environmental risks but are not always fully aware of the solutions and need their preferred suppliers to develop the solution.

Novograf’s aspiration is to develop the solution that has multiple facets;


  • PVC reduction
  • Polymers – Recycling when “contaminated” with ink & adhesive
  • Adhesive & Substrate solutions that biodegrade
  • Lamigraf™ - the next generation

We need to assess the potential recycling alternatives, secondary source capture of oil-based products, therefore an open mind is critical.

The side-shoot projects are where we would see current or existing accounts taking on small elements of the larger project aiding Beta testing, gauging supplier capability and whether the client can gain a credible benefit.

This will include: -

  • Research
  • Sampling and prototyping
  • Conclusion reporting
  • Supplier networking
  • Manufacturing preparations

Placement Objectives

Using your recently acquired skills, knowledge and expertise to the full, you will be dedicated to the project for the full 12 months with the culmination being a final report detailing the opportunities to minimise our product environmental impact and highlighting alternative materials and methodology that aid future-proofing for the business.

Role Description

The placement will see you liaising closely with sales, business development and implementation to ensure new customer design concepts or existing customer product development needs are met. 

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Sourcing of new materials
  • Innovating solutions or new product concepts
  • Upkeep of the technical library
  • Conduct feasibility reviews
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Establish Continuous Improvement planning process
  • Creation of design manuals & product specifications
  • Work with house accounts and new clients
  • Maintain cost control of project


HND or degree in relevant discipline such as Product Design Engineering.

Skills / Experience

Essential Skills

  • Product Design – Use of Plastics
  • Material knowledge – Polymer Science
  • Manufacturing – Understanding of processes, controls, problem solving
  • Research and Reporting skills
  • Innovative and creative approach to tasks

Desirable Skills

  • Knowledge of printing techniques


Company benefits

Novograf are committed to delivering an engaging working environment, having had previous success with a previous ScotGrad project.

This project and its outcomes can give us better positioning strength for future environmental benefits, but the project will not be in isolation, the added project activities will ensure that you are fully engaged with the team and business.

Placement benefits

As part of your ScotGrad placement, you will be able to participate in a couple of training courses mainly online, and one classroom based. The courses are themed around environmental management and quality standards and will provide you with knowledge and skills which will enhance your current and future skills.

ScotGrad placements also offer a unique opportunity to connect with a vast network of graduates and ScotGrad alumni. All graduates appointed through the programme are encouraged to make use of the ScotGrad LinkedIn group to communicate with other ScotGrad participants, learn about any professional development opportunities and build up a professional network.

Additional information

East Kilbride

w/c 11th February 2019

4th March 2019

Company information

We are a Brand Realization company, which implements the ‘look & feel’ for retail stores, QSRs, bank branches or hotels. We are based in East Kilbride.


Company website: www.novograf.co.uk