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Graduate Biochemist

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Undergraduate Degree, Postgraduate Degree

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Science and environment
Edinburgh and Lothians
12 months
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Placement summary

Edinburgh based biotechnology start-up, IntelliDigest is looking to hire a knowledgeable and committed science graduate to assist us with a new product development project. Working directly with our CEO, you will be optimising our processes and providing additional information to Bosch to complete the prototype development as well as helping with the trials process. This is a 12 month placement initially, with a view to a permanent role, following successful project implementation.

Job description

Project Description

Our product aims to maximise value from unavoidable food waste in hospitality and food sector by turning unavoidable food waste to high quality bio-resource in the form of biogas and biochemical for commercial use. Our aim is to efficiently convert every biodegradable waste to high value resource at the earliest possible time thereby capturing the whole resource value in them, reducing greenhouse gas emission and promoting circular economy.

This new product development project will help us to finalise the product and test it robustly, to ensure that we can reach the stage of commercialising the product on time.

Placement Objectives

You will deploy your recently acquired skills, knowledge and expertise to help us finalise the development of our product and ensure that we can reach the commercialisation phase on schedule.

Role Description

This project aims to accelerate our growth plans for the company, by finalising product development which in turn, will allow us to step up the pace of commercialisation. Currently, there is just one employee in the business and by increasing our people resources, we will be able to deliver on our growth ambitions more quickly.

The placement will see you being involved in the set up of laboratory experiments as well as collating and analysing data from the experiments.

Related tasks will include:

  • Carry out hydrolysis of food waste using specific enzymes
  • Carry out laboratory analysis including colorimetric, LC-MS and HPLC and analysis of the output of the hydrolysate
  • Grow specific anaerobic microorganisms using anaerobic chamber
  • Carry out series of sample analysis including colorimetric, LC-MS and HPLC analysis of the output of the microbial growth
  • Analyse and present the result obtained


You will be ideally qualified with a Chemistry or Biochemistry degree. We will also be delighted to receive applications from candidates from other disciplines, providing you possess the essential skills described below.

Skills / Experience

Essential Skills


  • Knowledge of safety procedures and laboratory performance standards
  • Fermentation skills
  • Anaerobic microbial culturing
  • HPLC/LC-MS/GC-MS analysis
  • Experience of experimental setup
  • Data analysis skills


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Project management experience
  • Creative problem solver
  • First class personal management skills

Desirable Skills

  • Previous experience of a similar role, either during or post-study


Placement benefits

As part of your ScotGrad placement, you will be able to participate in a couple of training courses mainly online, and one classroom based. The courses are themed around environmental management and quality standards and will provide you with knowledge and skills which will enhance your current and future skills.

ScotGrad placements also offer a unique opportunity to connect with a vast network of graduates and ScotGrad alumni. All graduates appointed through the programme are encouraged to make use of the ScotGrad LinkedIn group to communicate with other ScotGrad participants, learn about any professional development opportunities and build up a professional network.

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21st January 2019

Company information

We are a biotechnology start-up company from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Our team is made up of academic and entrepreneurial experts from diverse background working together to deliver novel products that will enable the efficient recycling of our unavoidable biodegradable wastes.

We want to save money for our clients while helping the environment to generate high value biochemical from unavoidable food waste rather than from growing crops.

We help our customers to meet regulatory demands on efficient waste management by developing the World first autonomous, resilient and ultra-small scale organic waste digester for onsite waste recycling.


Company website: https://intellidigest.com/