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SLSIP 2019 - Product Development Technician Intern

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Undergraduate Degree

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Science and environment
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12 weeks
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Placement summary

Collagen is naturally occurring raw material, essential in the production of casings used in sausage and other processed meats. Its properties can be affected by chemistry or mechanical action, therefore, the skills learned in any science discipline will be relevant to helping achieve the desired outcome. One of the key intermediate products used in the manufacture of casing is a collagen gel. 

The project aim is to further develop our understanding of the rheology of collagen gels that are being produced as part of new casing development projects.

Job description

Project Description

The project will help the New Product Development team gain a better understanding of the impact of new product formulas on gel rheology and the batch to batch variability of gels manufactured with the same formulation. The placement will also involve conducting physical testing of finished prototype casings to support new product development projects.

The successful candidate will carry-out physical testing & gel rheology testing, conduct data analysis, and report findings.

Placement Objectives

See placement summary and description. 

Role Description

See placement summary and description. 


This programme is for 1st, 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate students studying a Life Science degree in Scotland. Please click here to see if your course is eligible. You can only apply for a maximum of 3 placements, so please research the roles thoroughly before submitting your CV.

Skills / Experience

Essential Skills

  • Good communication skills 
  • Time-keeping
  • Familiar with Microsoft Excel and Word 

Desirable Skills

  • Knowledge of statistical analysis 
  • Any prior experience of Minitab software


Placement benefits

As part of ScotGrad Graduate Placement Programme, the successful candidate will have access to a free two day business and employability skills residential course and also benefit from ongoing support from the ScotGrad team throughout the duration of the placement. 

Additional information



Company information

Devro is a global organisation with manufacturing facilities in 6 countries and a sales and distribution network that covers the globe. Our Scottish operation employs over 400 people with roles in manufacturing, research and development, engineering, quality, finance, sales and customer support.  Collagen is the main ingredient in our casings which are used in the production of a wide variety of sausages and other meat products.  We continually strive to build our knowledge of this protein through research and development work and see this as key to our future success.
As well as gaining experience of working within a laboratory environment in a large manufacturing organisation this placement will allow the student to spend some time with other departments to gain understanding of other parts of the business.

The placement will also provide the student with exposure to the work of other strategic projects being undertaken by the Product Development department.

Life Sciences

Company website: www.devro.com