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SLSIP 2019 - Feasibility study on syringe pump and viral reduction filtration Intern

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Undergraduate Degree

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Placement summary

The project will look at the implementation of a syringe pump to deliver a constant virus spike to a viral filtration load in a continuous manner allowing the operation of a coupled pre filter and virus filter. The initial phase will be familiarisation with the set up and operation of the kit and use the syringe pump to evaluate spiking at a selcted flow rates spannign the typical range observed during viral filtration operation. The initial studies will use a saline solution and the spike ration evaluated by conductivity.

Phase 2 will evaluate a minimum of 2 flow rates using a virus spike, spiking into an appropriate media.  Consistency of spike addition will be assessed by measurment of viral titre in selected samples, taken suring the run, using a TCID50 infectivity assay.

Phase 3 will look at implementing inline spiking in situ i.e. during viral filtration (run in coupled mode) comparing to batch spiking and decoupled filters.  If time permits an evaluation operating both a pump and compressed gas driven viral reduction filtration system will be evaluated.

Job description

Project Description

The successful candidate will be involved in:

  • Preparation of buffers
  • Set up and operation of a syringe pump / inline spiking system
  • Set up and operation of a pH and comductivity meter
  • Set up and operation of viral reduction filtration system using batch and inline spiking
  • Understanding and time willing of the TCID50 assay
  • Calculation of viral titre formthe infectivity assay
  • Preparation of flux decay profiles
  • Completion of workbooks in a GLP compliant manner
  • Basic operation AKTA Pure (time permitting)

Placement Objectives

Generation of date to prepare a report demonstrating the feasability of this methodology and preparation of a written procedure for the set up and operation of inline spiking.

Role Description

See placement description


This programme is for 1st, 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate students studying a Life Science degree in Scotland. Please click here to see if your course is eligible. You can only apply for a maximum of 3 placements, so please research the roles thoroughly before submitting your CV.

Skills / Experience

Essential Skills

  • Good Microsoft skills
  • Awareness of health and safety
  • Good laboratory skills

Desirable Skills

  • Awareness of GLP


Placement benefits

This project offers an insight into working within a highly regulated environment and implementation of new strategies to support developments within the biopharma sector (implementation of continuous processing).

The project provides an opportinity to develop both analytical and process related skill set and an excellent opportunity to see how skills and knowledge gained throughout the student's education are implemented with the workplace.

The placement will also provide a great opportunity to observe and partake in both professional and social interactions within the workplace and observe the benefits first hand at how collaborative working practices support the team and facilitate the achievment of shared goals.

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Merck is a leading global science and technology company working in healthcare, life sciences and performance materials.  Our goal is to help improve and prolong life, and to drive innovation in science and technology to make a lasting difference for patients and consumers.

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