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New Product Design Graduate

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Undergraduate Degree, Postgraduate Degree

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Engineering manufacturing and production
12 months
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Placement summary

Glasgow based electrical equipment business, Bemco, is looking to hire a talented graduate to work on a 12 month project which will see the design and development of new products. Specifically, these new products will aim to take advantage of opportunities within the Utilities sector

Job description

Project Description

Bemco are striving to become one of the major suppliers of electrical equipment, and components throughout the UK. This is achieved by a dedication to deliver to our Customers requirements at a competitive price.

This ambition is met by our focus on high-end design, problem solving approach to customer requirements and not simply a standard product offering. Our reputation for quality is unrivalled and we are now aiming to take advantage of new market opportunities, with particular emphasis on the Utilities market.

Placement Objectives

Your recently acquired skills, knowledge and expertise will be deployed on the development of a significant new product for our business which can provide us with growth opportunities in a new and developing sector for our business.

Role Description

You will play a leading role in a new major project. The main focus is to review, design and develop and help bring to market an electrical distribution and metering product in manufactured from sheet steel.

To assist your learning for the project, you will have exposure to the following areas of our operations:


  • Prepare cost estimates for new contracts and enquiries
  • Keep existing contracts up to date, including making amendments, providing new cost estimates, and maintaining communication with the client
  • Maintain relationships with existing clients keeping a sales-minded attitude also to seek out and build relationships with new clients


  • Produce draft designs and diagrams according to the given specifications
  • Design products using computer-aided design and drafting (AutoCAD) software
  • Draft and prepare layout drawings for the manufacturing department and suppliers
  • Specify dimensions, materials, and procedures for new products
  • Revise drawings and layouts to accommodate changes and enhancements
  • Accommodate safety procedures and issues in installation and manufacturing drawings


  • Source an appropriate supplier and obtain quotations
  • Raise and issue the orders
  • Maintain communication with suppliers in order to convey details fully


A degree in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering would be ideal for this placement.

Skills / Experience

Essential Skills

It is expected that you will be well versed in Microsoft Office, Autocad and Solidworks systems and ideally have an understanding of the manufacturing sector. Excellent communication skills are also essential due to the interaction associated with the role.

Desirable Skills

Previous experience of a similar role, either during or post-study would be useful.


Placement benefits

As part of your ScotGrad placement, you will be able to participate in a couple of training courses mainly online, and one classroom based. The courses are themed around environmental management and quality standards and will provide you with knowledge and skills which will enhance your current and future skills.

ScotGrad placements also offer a unique opportunity to connect with a vast network of graduates and ScotGrad alumni. All graduates appointed through the programme are encouraged to make use of the ScotGrad LinkedIn group to communicate with other ScotGrad participants, learn about any professional development opportunities and build up a professional network.

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5th August 2019

Company information

The British Electrical and Manufacturing Company Limited (Bemco) was established in 1893 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Initially called the Tyneside Electrical Supply Company, its aim was to supply electrical equipment to industrial users in the North East of England. The company also acted as a purchasing company for one of the first organisations in the world to cut coal by electricity, the Electrical Coal Cutting Contract Corporation.

Today, with our branches and manufacturing division, we remain privately owned and pride ourselves on the high levels of service you might expect from a close-knit, family company. We have also maintained our links to the North East, with our headquarters based at its heart in Newcastle and a branch in Durham


Company website: www.bemco.co.uk