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Armadilla Limited

Architectural Technologist

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HND, Undergraduate Degree, Postgraduate Degree

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Engineering manufacturing and production
Edinburgh and Lothians
£20,000 - £24,000
12 months
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Placement summary

Armadilla Ltd is a design and manufacturing company based just south of Edinburgh. Our product range encompasses a number of iconic timber modular buildings and geodesic domes
with the emphasis on organic shaped designs. We are experiencing significant growth and are now distributing throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and have global aspirations.

We require a talented and committed architectural technologist to work as a fully inclusive member of the team on this exciting journey for an initial 12 month placement

Job description

Project Description

Our flagship product, the Xtraroom, requires the input of an innovative individual to make it more –

  • environmentally sustainable 
  • user friendly
  • efficient to manufacture
  • regulatory compliant in diverse states

The person appointed will be fully involved in the design and redevelopment of the Xtraroom

Placement Objectives

At the end of 12 months the project will be expected to have delivered the following outcomes –

  • Complete dossier of technical specifications
  • Enhanced sustainability through improved material selection and design changes
  • Assess impact of materials on manufacturing output.
  • Develop our regulatory compliance in the UK and globally
  • A permanent position within the company to help maintain market prominence

Role Description

Main Tasks:

  • Help us create an even more exciting product
  • Prepare complete analysis of existing products and opportunities for product enhancement
  • Work closely with design team on development of product range
  • Focus particularly on sustainability and energy reduction
  • Assess impact of materials on manufacturing output.


BSc/BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology or an MSc Architectural Technology & Building Performance would be ideal but will consider other degrees and classifications, providing you meet the essential criteria for the role.

Skills / Experience

Essential Skills

  • Ability to understand and interpret objectives, requirements and project budgets
  • Understanding of manufacturing process and materials technologies
  • Use IT in design and project management, specifically use of sketch up and Artcam.
  • Work within financial budgets and deadlines
  • Understand and follow building laws and safety regulations
  • Produce detailed workings, drawings and specifications
  • Specify the nature and quality of materials required 
  • Prepare applications for planning and building control departments 
  • Resolve problems and issues arising during development and construction
  • Prepare presentations

Desirable Skills

  • GSOH
  • Stamina
  • Ability to multitask
  • Positivity
  • Imagination


Company benefits

We are an informal company and you will be mentored and have access to all levels of management.

You will be involved in a broad range of activities and have the opportunity to see the fruits of your labour on site with end users.

And of course, you’ll get paid and even have holiday time.

Placement benefits

As part of your ScotGrad placement, you will be able to participate in a couple of training courses mainly online, and one classroom based. The courses are themed around environmental management and quality standards and will provide you with knowledge and skills which will enhance your current and future skills.

ScotGrad placements also offer a unique opportunity to connect with a vast network of graduates and ScotGrad alumni. All graduates appointed through the programme are encouraged to make use of the ScotGrad LinkedIn group to communicate with other ScotGrad participants, learn about any professional development opportunities and build up a professional network.

Additional information

Bonnyrigg, Midlothian


This placement may result in a permanent employment afterwards


Company information

Armadilla Ltd is a family business created in 2010. Our objective was, and is still, to “think outside the box”. We don’t do straight lines – anybody can do straight lines.

Our usp is “the curve”! We just love the Fibonacci Curve, The Golden Ratio, The Parabola etc etc

All our products must have a “wow” factor. But they must above all be practical and functional.

We do almost all our design, development and manufacturing “in house”.


Company website: https://armadilla.co.uk/